Management Committee

According to Articles 8 and 9 of the EDUCA (University of Cádiz Doctorate School) Internal Regime Regulations:

  • The Management Committee is the collegiate body responsible for the ordinary management of the School. It is charged with applying the regulations which govern the operations of the centre and with ensuring compliance with the agreements, guidelines and instructions established by the Governing Council.
  • Its composition is as follows:

a) The Director of the School.

b) The Secretary of the School.

c) The coordinators of the Doctorate Programmes with which the School is involved.

d) If necessary, a representative of each of the School’s collaborating entities who, according to the corresponding agreement, may have the right to be a part of the School’s Management Committee.

e) Three representatives of the School’s doctorate students.

f) A representative from the School’s Administrative and Service Staff.

  • The term of each School Management Committee member is of 4 years, in accordance with the procedure agreed upon by the School’s Governing Council. The School Director is excluded from this fixed term and the designation and dismissal of said member shall be decided in each case by the Rector.

Responsabilities of the School’s Management Committee

  • The School’s Management Committee is responsible fro the organisation and management of the School, in accordance with the guidelines dictated by the Governing Council at any time.
  •  In particular, the Management Committee has following functions:

a) Assisting the Governing Council in tasks set by the latter.

b) Coordination of qualifications and activities which are taught and managed by the Centre.

c) Coordination of the activities and duties charged to the Academic Commissions of the Doctorate Programmes or to the commissions of other qualifications, particularly Master’s Degrees.

d) The proposal of Doctorate Programmes to the School’s Governing Council, for their subsequent submission to the University of Cádiz Doctorate Commission, and the coordination and management of Doctorate Programmes.

e) Reporting on the proposals of the coordinators of the School’s Doctorate Programmes, making decisions of the writing of the corresponding report or its modification, and submitting the corresponding reports to the School’s Governing Council for approval.

f) The formulation, for the School’s Governing Council, of the proposed composition of the Academic Commissions of the School’s Doctorate Programmes, its subsequent submission to the University of Cádiz Doctorate Commission, and the dismissal and replacement of the corresponding members.

g) The approval of the incorporation and dismissal of the members of the School’s Doctorate Programmes, bearing in mind the conclusions of the reports from the Academic Commissions.

h) The setting of the transversal training activities of the doctoral students, defining and regulating the activities of interest for their education.

i) The proposal, to the Governing Council, of collaboration measures with other entities, preparing the agreement proposals for approval by the Council and their subsequent processing.

j) The approval of the School Director’s annual report, which must include a summary of the School’s activities and its Annual Strategic Plan.

k) The proposal and implementation of the School Budget.

l) The performance of duties which are assigned to centres commissions by any regulation, when there is no specific commission in the School which is responsible for said duties and it is modified as a consequence of that Regulation.

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