Doctorate Programme in Social and Legal Sciences (8204)

Doctorate Programme in
Social and Legal Sciences
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1.  Public Administrations, public liberties and sector policies.

2.  Private Law.

3.  Penal System and Security.

4.  Business and Organizations Management: strategy and human resources.

5.  Applied Economy: territorial development and technological change.

6.  Information and Control System of organizations.

7. Teacher education and training.

8. Assessment and Innovation in organizations and training contexts.

Coordinated by: Ms. Rosario Hernández Galán


Programme description

The UCA Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences and Law aims to help graduate students from law, economy and social sciences to complete their postgraduate education by offering training in the field of research.

Boasting eight research areas, the Programme brought together the effort, specialties and approaches of the University’s various disciplines, research teams and researchers working in the scientific areas of Law, Economy and Business (Economy, Business Management, Financial Economy and Accounting) and Social Sciences.

Qualifications required

Graduate students holding a master’s degree in Economy, Law or Social Sciences, which guarantees the necessary background knowledge and skills that enable students to successfully do the Programme and produce a doctoral thesis in their specialties.

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