Doctorate Programme in Mathematics (8214)

Doctorate Programme in
from the Universities of Almería, Cádiz, Granada, Jaén and Málaga

  • Research areas:

1. Non-commutative algebra.

2. Functional Analysis. Banach spaces and algebras. Applications.

3. Differential equations. Numerical analysis and applications.

4. Statistics and Operational Research.

5. Commutative and computational algebra.

6. Computational Science’s mathematical foundations.

7. Harmonic analysis and complex variable.

8. History of Mathematics.

9. Approximation Theory.

Coordinated by: Mr. Francisco Ortegón Gallego


Programme description

The Doctoral Programme in Mathematics is taught jointly by the Universities of Almeria, Cadiz, Granada (coordinator), Jaen and Malaga. The goal of the programme is to provide an advanced professional training in knowledge and development of new mathematical techniques, methods and theories.

Qualifications required

Graduates holding an officially recognised master’s degree in the field of mathematics who meet the general admission requirements.

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