Doctorate Programme in Manufacture, Materials and Environmental Engineering (8212)

Doctorate Programme in
Manufacture, Materials and Environmental Engineering
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1. Engineering, Quality Control and Manufacture and Processing Materials Technologies.

2. Design, modelling and semiconductor systems simulation.

3. Computational Modelling in Engineering.

4. Environmental Engineering.

5. Chemical Processes Engineering.

6. Biomedical Engineering and Telemedicine.

Coordinated by: Mr. Javier Botana Pedemonte


Programme description

The Doctoral Programme in Manufacturing, Materials and Environmental Engineering aims at training PhD students for the various Engineering fields, which are characterized by their multi and interdisciplinary nature. The Programme has been specially designed for PhD students who already hold a master of research degree/professional  master’s degree in Engineering or an undergraduate degree, which is discontinued by now (Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Naval Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, etc.)

The Programme comprises six research areas that boast a long tradition and a solid foundation at the University of Cadiz, a wealth of experience in doctoral theses in the various engineering fields and a remarkably international and local reach.

Qualifications required

Graduate students and master’s graduates, Engineers and holders of a Bachelor’s degree who have a Master of Advanced Studies and doctors in any discipline of engineering from the Spanish education system or overseas.

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