Doctorate Programme in Linguistics (8208)

Doctorate Programme in
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1. Communication and linguistics technological applications.

2. Applied Linguistics.

3. Clinic Linguistics.

4. Variation and discourse analysis.

5. Contact with languages and interculturality.

Coordinated by: Ms. Mª Tadea Díaz Hormigo


Programme description

The University of Cadiz Doctoral Programme in Linguistics is the only one of its kind in the Region of Andalusia, and offers an advanced, interdisciplinary education aimed at theoretical and applied research, with multiple employment opportunities in the fields of human relations, new technologies, communication pathologies and disorders and the social, cultural and discursive dimensions of language.

Associated with the new Institute of Research in Applied Linguistics at the University of Cadiz and with a high international profile, this programme is taught within the framework of the National Linguistics Network coordinated by this University.

Qualifications required

Graduates of any discipline in the Arts and Humanities, or any other field of study that meets the general requirements for admission onto a doctoral programme, in accordance with the criteria established by the academic committee.

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