Doctorate Programme in Computer Engineering (8216)

Doctorate Programme in
Computer Engineering
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1. Modelling and Simulation.

2. Software Engineering.

Coordinated by: Mr. Pedro Luis Galindo Riaño


Programme description

The Doctorate Programme in Computing Engineering has a primary objective the advance training in research activities associated with the field of Computing Engineering.

An advance scientific and technical training is provided oriented to do research and make knowledge contributions for developing new techniques, particularly those related to the research lines of groups integrating the proposal such as computation smart systems, software engineering and improvements in the software process and formal methods.

Through the training activities and the elaboration of the doctoral thesis, the doctorate students will be able to devise, design and implement an original quality research. This will allow them to make contributions in the field of Computing Engineering and thus, to broaden the knowledge frontiers, making them public thanks to publications on high impact international scientific magazines.

Qualifications required

The Doctorate Programme in Computing Engineering at the University of Cadiz is specifically designed for doctorate students having completed Research Masters in the field of Engineering or Masters qualifying in Engineering, not excluding other masters whose adequacy and relevancy will have to be assessed by the Academic Commission of the Doctorate Programme.

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