Doctorate Programme in Biomolecules (8201)

Doctorate Programme in
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1.  Neurobiology: neurodegeneration and neuroregeneraton.

2.  Synthesis and catalysis (Organic and Organometallic Chemistry).

3.  Mechanisms and reaction kinetics.

4.  Biological Chemistry: bioactive molecules and their molecular targets.

5.  Bio-Communicators as the source of bioactive products.

6.  Inflammation Biomedicine and applied Biotechnology to new nuevas therapies.

Coordinated by: Ms. Mª Carmen Puerta Vizcaíno


Programme description

This UCA doctoral programme offers technical-scientific training in characterization, design, synthesis and application
of novel bioactive substances as potential drugs and agrochemicals. Highly-qualified professionals whose training guarantee interdisciplinary working skills that are needed in the design and development of biomolecules and novel bioactive molecules are in great demand in the chemical industry in general and especially in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical areas.

In view of this scenario, the Programme provides students with advanced interdisciplinary training which focuses on research into bioactive molecules and on developing the multiple professional profiles that are useful in the fields of chemistry, biology and medicine.

Qualifications required

Master’s degree in Science or Health Sciences. All applications will be examined by the academic committee and admissions will be at its discretion.

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