Doctorate Programme in Arts and Humanities (8201)

Doctorate Programme in
Arts and Humanities
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1.  Philosophy, Democracy and Identities.

2.  Gender, Identity and Citizenship.

3.  Enlightenment, Liberalism, Romanticism and Democracy (centuries 18th-21st).

4.  Survey and critical edition of Humanistic Latin texts. Survey and critical edition of Hellenistic and Imperial Greek texts.

5.  Post-colonial Surveys and Cultural Surveys. Spanish language and North-African languages and culture: language, history and education.

6.  Globalization process and modernization in the contemporary world .

Coordinated by: Mr. Julio Pérez Serrano


Programme description

The Doctoral Programme in Arts and Humanities at the University of Cadiz aims to train PhD students in the various fields of historical, philological, philosophical, cultural and gender studies, by fostering through interdisciplinary research further insight into human development from its roots in the old days to current globalisation.

Given its seven specific strategic research areas with a solid foundation in the generic field of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cadiz, the Programme distinguishes itself from similar academic offers and provides the humanities master’s degrees with the scope necessary on third cycle programmes.

Qualifications required

Graduate students and master’s graduates, holders of a Bachelor’s degree who have a Master of Advanced Studies and doctors in any discipline of Arts and the Humanities from the Spanish education system or overseas.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, graduate students from other disciplines can also enter the programme. Entry is subject to the Academic Advisory Committee which may require students to attain competence in specific training areas relevant to the Programme.

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