Doctorate Programme in Agri-food Resources (8210)

Doctorate Programme in
Agri-food Resources
from the University of Cádiz

  • Research areas:

1. Interest natural products in Agriculture and Food.

2. Interest industrial bioprocesses.

3. Microbiology and molecular and cellular biochemistry.

4. Management, treatment and valorization of the Agri-food residues.

5. Wine and Agri-food Quality.

6. Agri-food processes and products.

Coordinated by: Mr. Jorge Bolívar Pérez


Programme description

The Doctoral Programme in Agrifood Resources is the result of UCA’s proven research expertise in the agrifood field and its active role in the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence CeiA3.

The six research areas that comprise the Programme are characterized by their highly-multidisciplinary scope. Researchers from various fields of science, such as biochemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, food science and technology and environmental technologies, are committed to the Programme’s development.

Enrolled students will conduct research work in such disciplines as biotechnology, oenology, biotechnology engineering,
environmental engineering and technological processes and bio refinery plants design in order to provide the agrifood industry with innovative solutions.

Qualifications required

The doctoral Programme is designed to train students to produce a doctoral thesis. To entry the Programme, candidates
must hold an official master’s degree whose final project is a research work on any agrifood theme. The applications of candidates from other fields will be examined by the academic advisory committee and admission will be subject to the committee’s approval.

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