TUMs Research Opportunities Week

October 26-30, 2015
TUMs Research Opportunities Week is an unique program that is offered to postdoctoral candidates at the Technische Universität München (TUM).

TUM´s Research Opportunities Week (also known as ROW) is currently in its sixth wave, having successfully grown since its first session in March 2013.

Twice a year, the TUM Talent Factory organizes the Research Opportunities Week which is designed to recruit talented young researchers for postdoc positions at TUM. Elected candidates around 50 participants in their final year of their PhD or recent postdocs are invited for a five-day stay at TUM, financed by the TUM Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant. During this week, they have the chance to meet exceptional academics, explore the research facilities at TUM, and talk to experts in their fields.

Participants of the Research Opportunities Week can then apply for a TUM University Foundation Fellowship to spend one year as a postdoc at TUM, with the expectation that they will, with the support of the TUM Talent Factory, apply for further funding to stay at TUM.
For more information, please email postdoc@tum.de

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